Tuesday, October 5, 2010

we hear but no one listens.

So this is my secret I've been keeping for four years. It is so hard to hide it when it affects me so much. It comes and goes as it pleases. I'm terrified of what people might think of me if they knew. If I could be open and openly allow my emotions to just pour from the heart, I would. But you know it's impossible in such a superficial world. It's a place full of peers who judge, stereotype, discriminate. We hide ugly truths and present ourselves to the world in a beautifully wrapped lie. That is how most are accepted in society. But why must society be so picture-perfect when we all know perfect doesn't exist?

But we try to get as close to 'perfect' as we can.

If they knew how sad I get throughout the year, will they still appreciate who I am? I have no control of when this state of depression might affect me. My emotions are not hardwired into my brain. Sure, I have my breakdowns and I want to be anti-social but it doesn't mean I will forget how to smile or crack a joke. Let's be a little kinder. Just be appreciative of the smaller things. Give people a chance. If we all tried to understand, maybe we'll get a little further in life.

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