Monday, October 11, 2010

i taste your name in my mouth

There was a time when I understood the rhythm of your heart. When I put my ear against your chest, I heard your honest thoughts whisper to me. It was slow, comforting.

But reading the words on the small screen of my phone spoiled your innocence.
Waves of disappointment washed over me.
You had me believe and for once, I trusted myself.
Your trustworthiness has burned and left ashes on my hands. They stain the clothes I wear and now I cannot get rid of you.
You've become another reminder of why it's better to keep to myself.
Build a better wall to surround myself; I find hugging my knees the only comfort.

Your excuse is so hard to accept when the timing of it all doesn't add up.
I'm tired of the disappoint that comes with the mention of your name.
I'm exhausted from making up excuses for you.
There are no more excuses to use.
Your actions tell me nothing more than what I know.

I always knew change was difficult and hard to adjust to.
I just didn't know how difficult until now.

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