Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet Dharma

“Hey beautiful, hope you’re feeling better today. Knew I wasn’t going to see you today and couldn’t help make you feel better if you weren’t. So I left a friend of mine at the only for you. Her name is Dharma, Junior put her on top of the fridge. Hope she puts a smile on your face because I can’t today.”

So through a whirlwind of events, our fate has intertwined after over a year of untimely events and messy situations. I currently find myself in a relationship unlike all the others. Finally, I am in a serious and relaxing relationship with a man who once made me cry; he made me smile more but there was nothing more between us then the short, random encounters. But that is the past. We have made it past the murmurs and gossip and we are content--so content! Separately, we are both in good places in our lives at the moment. And because of this, I truly believe this is the reason why we have started a life together--now, not then. And now, not forever. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I am expecting the worst or that I don't believe that we can make it past three months. But when changes occur, we cannot go against them. We must ride along the ups and the downs, no matter how tough they seem. In these past few years, I have learned that nothing is permanent and so, every tough situation can turn for the better. I am hoping that this will last because he makes me feel stronger and more independent. It seems a little ironic that being in a relationship can make you more independent but because our independence has gotten us this far, we want to continue to grow independently so we can proudly share our separate accomplishments together. Truth be told, it has not been a month but I have grown to admire this man will all my heart (not blindly). My admiration for him has helped me find inner love for so many others.

I truly believe that I am in a good place in this very moment.