Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've been so caught up with a whole bunch of academic and personal plans, I nearly forgot to upload the few photos I have taken of the meals I have made so far.  The other night, I decided to make a chicken salad; taking one glance at the leftovers in the fridge, I knew this would be one easy meal to make. I sliced up a bunch of green peppers, threw in some tomatoes, seasoned and grilled a chicken breast and grated some cheese on top and I made myself a delicious--and easy--meal! I paired it with a bottle of Shiraz and I knew I had a good night ahead of me.

And knowing that I had a family Thanksgiving dinner to go to, I wanted to bring a little something so I found this recipe online and gave it a go. Needless to say, it was a huge hit, and everyone loved it.

It's been rough but cooking things for myself makes things a little more bearable. Perhaps it is because you put a lot of effort into it and the outcome is selfishly rewarding (not to mention, you cure that growling stomach of yours!).


Friday, November 25, 2011


the subtle touch on my back as you walk by,
your grin lights your bright blue eyes
naked and exposed,
the way you walk across the room
your hands move slowly across my stomach,
caressing my ass
we are still, dark in the night.
I hear your soft groans as I place my hands
on your stomach.
Your rough beard brushes against
my lips,
I smell the faint scent of cigarettes,
on your skin.

And sitting on your couch, we listen to your passion.
We exchange songs,
judge our own lives
settle for nothing but more
and explore our minds.
we let ourselves go.
And Cosmo is near
watching human interaction
Curiosity remains.

Our laughs are in sync as you feed me your food
driving along the late night streets,
the driver believes we are happy

These moments do not last,
but engrained in our memories.
we feel and love,
think and swallow
our purest thoughts.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family can be so much more

This is just so darn adorable.

You see the way she looks at her dad? Gosh darn it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Firsts: Asian Pesto Japanese Noodles

I apologize for the lack of posts! Thing's have been rather hectic and the fine balance between work, volunteer and a social life is rather difficult to handle. And now that I am home alone for the next two weeks, what better time to try new recipes? I admit, I am not known to be the chef in the household but I do enjoy it--I swear. Last night a friend of mine came over to accompany me for dinner and we decided to make this delicious Asian pesto noodle dish. I think I may have put in a little too much soy sauce but nonetheless it turned out better than I expected!

I'll be trying more recipes throughout the next couple days so I'll be posting here more often. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.


Thursday, November 10, 2011


She laid there quietly, smiling, as she watched him gently wipe it off her stomach. They laughed as he wiped the last bit and stretched out beside her. They faced each other as they whispered secrets to each other while holding each other close. She was speaking with a tremble in her voice as she tried to express her feelings; he listened intently as he stared at her watering eyes. He paused before he spoke and propped his head up with one arm. He replied with certainty and told her to keep living, keep moving and never stop dreaming. He told her his stories of family, friends and aspirations.

He left the bed and walked over to the couch, naked. She leaned on the back of the couch as she watched his slow, graceful movements. They sipped their red wine and smoked a joint, building their friendship through strings of stories and emotions. He picked up his guitar and sung songs of heartbreak and yearning. She closed her eyes as she listened to his low, rough voice speak of true stories. Opening her eyes, she watched the subtle movements of his back muscles move with the strumming of his guitar. She watched him carefully, as he laid the guitar back down and slipped back into bed. She laid her head on his outstretched arm as she carefully placed her hand over his heart and dwelled in the silence within the apartment.


 She woke up to the soft sunlight which leaked in from the tops of the dark curtains. She turned to face him and studied his face; he had his long brown eyelashes, a crooked nose and small lips. The sound of breathing filled the room as he began to stir; his eyelids opened to reveal those bright blue eyes. Awake, but groggy,he immediately pulled her in towards him with one arm and he traced her hip bone with his finger. She placed one hand on his chest as she pressed her lips against his--no words were exchanged. She felt him grow and their hands fell to all the right places as they continued to kiss.

They walked to the couch and sat down as they conversed over minute things. He lit a cigarette and she watched the white smoke hover in the air, slowly moving towards her. He took another drag and offered it to her. She took it willingly and she parted her lips for a quick drag. Again, silence filled the room as they communicated through stares, touches and smiles.

It was a beautiful tragedy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Therapy Session

Hello bloggers!

I truly apologize for being rather inactive these several weeks; school is really stressful and I barely have time to pick up my camera. However, I recently spent a bit of time to quickly shoot some self portraits. I have always been fascinated with the human body; every curve is beautiful and while we all have similar (if not the same) body parts, we are all so different. Unfortunately, I have always had some self-esteem problems, especially when it came to my body but I am beginning to accept myself for who I am (and for what I possess). Thus, these photos are very personal and represent self-growth and discovery; they represent acceptance and acknowledgement.

I am in the talks of beginning a small photography series with a friend so hopefully that will turn out well. In the meantime, love and accept every curve, every angle and every mark on your body.