Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the little things

In that one second, our eyes met. They always meet at the most unexpected of times and it always gets my heart pounding. But you play games; you pretend to not notice that I pass by you (but I catch you turning around as I walk by).

Unexpectedly you were behind me. You, with that familiar smirk, and those sleepy eyes that shone when you spoke. It was our first conversation, although you spoke a lot more than I did. But I listened very well. Everything you had said to me were thoughts I've been struggling for a while now. But hearing it from you made it seem more attainable, more clear. You speak with such conviction and admittedly, I love hearing you speak with such intelligence. You are a special human being.

We have known each other for some time now but we are still acquaintances. You always greet me with a smile and say "how are you?" But today was something different: you tapped me on the back unexpectedly. It was not rough, quick or disruptive. Rather, it was gentle, kind and friendly.

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