Friday, March 4, 2011

You’re just a casual lover—but that’s okay.

She suffered deeply from her own curiosity. She held her secrets so tightly, they crumbled in the palms of her hands. She understood morality but only in theory because when she was put up to it, she was always blinded by her own infatuations. Nothing drove her faster towards recklessness than the harsh realities that clouded her own world. Life stood as an obstacle for her as she desperately tried to come to terms with the unknown, the foreign. She often wondered how some made it look so easy; they carried themselves with such grace and ease as they walked with peace in their hearts. Meanwhile, she tiptoed around the city, hoping that someone would stop and ask her why.

Why are you walking on your toes?” 
“Because the world is too fragile and more often than not, people forget the weight of their own existence.”

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