Wednesday, March 16, 2011

strange paraphernalia

A choice between the new and the old.

One is worn, old but holds incredible memories of ecstasy. Sure, the colour has faded but the fabric is just as soft and provides such warmth on chilly insomniac nights. You can see the loose threads that poke out of the sleeves. Like the rest, it is inevitable; as time passes those threads that once held it together are bound to slowly unravel with each use.

The other is different. Its colour is vibrant and the cutting is rather daring. You unexpectedly found it hanging on a thin wire hanger. Laying your eyes on it, you knew you had to bring it home with you. The material is just as soft but you are not sure how warm it is--especially in the harsh Canadian winters. There is a small, almost unnoticeable red logo on the left breast pocket. You cannot make out what it is but it's attractive.

Placing the two side by side, you sigh. How can you pick between the two?

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