Tuesday, August 9, 2011

morning thunderstorm

Waking up to a thunderstorm this morning brought me back to Sunday afternoon.

We got caught in the rain as we were buckling on the covers for the boat. We ran along the dock and dirt path as the rain pelted our bare backs. It was humid and the skies were grey but our smiles triumphed the storm. We stayed outdoors and stood in the rain; it hit us hard and fast as our laughter continued to echo throughout the area. The cold rain woke us up, cooled our hot skin and fed us energy to run around some more. Standing on the porch, we breathed in the dirt and the earthy scent that rose from the ground. Everything was alive as we watched the rain slide easily down our arms, hair, bodies.  And with heavy breaths we tiptoed back through the doors, dripping, but filled with serenity and content.

Being twenty, I have never purposely stood in the middle of a heavy rainfall. But I had never felt so alive and at peace with myself—I absolutely loved it.


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