Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The container of chlorine

I cannot recall a time when swimming has not been a part of my life. I started very young and like many infants, despised it. I cried and ran away (at least, that is what my parents told me) and they eventually stopped signing me up for lessons. But after a good year or two, I began my swim lessons again and that is when swimming became a part of who I was and am today. Years of swim lessons and almost five years of teaching and guarding later, I have learned so much from the sport. This past year I have slacked a little and stopped swimming as much due to school and other personal reasons but recently, I have picked it back up and could not be happier.

That initial shock of the cold water hitting your skin; the sound of small splashes after each kick; the feeling of gliding through the water; the muffled sounds of everything underwater; the strong scent of chlorine that clings to your hair and skin. I love it all. And today's swim was nothing short of a great workout. So here I am, winding down with a cup of homemade iced coffee, a nutritious banana and a novel.


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