Monday, August 22, 2011

Horseback riding in Antigua (August 17th, 2011)

Unfortunately, I did not carry my camera in fear of either damaging it or losing it so here is the best description I can give and a googled image to give you an idea of how beautiful it was.

It was three hours of an indescribable scenic trip. Sitting on top of the house was a nerve wracking and thrilling moment. As a little girl I've dreamt over and over again of the opportunity of being able to touch and share the presence with a horse. Holding the saddle, the reigns, being in control of the horse--it was all beautiful. The quiet sound of the hooves hitting the dirt; its gentle canter; the steady breaths of the horse--it left me breathless. The leaves brushed the top of my helmet as I was led through a serene forest. Along the beach, we left subtle prints in the soft, white sand. The waves washed in and out, painting the white a bright aquamarine for just those three seconds. The sweat on my forehead went unnoticed as joy and peace both flooded within me. The gentle breeze left my ponytail in a tangle as we trotted along the shores of the island. In that moment, I felt a new kind of freedom. One which involved lighter lessons in life; a type of freedom which allowed me to greet everyone with casual 'how do you do's' accompanied with genuine smiles.



  1. Sounds breathtaking. Glad you had an amazing trip and I hope I can experience something similar to that one day...

    P.S. must meet up asap!

  2. Hey! Wow, it's been SO long love. Yes, I'll try to plan some date before school starts! Hope things are well on your end. Talk soon!

  3. Thank you!

    And by the way, your blog is wonderful!

  4. wow you got to canter on the first time? or have you been riding before? i've always wanted to ride on the beach!

  5. It was my very first time riding and it was one of the most memorable experiences I have ever experienced!