Wednesday, January 19, 2011


She smiled to herself.

She had listened intently to the words he pronounced ever so slowly and caught glimpses of him throughout the night. She noticed many things she never cared for before. She was familiar with his usual greeting to customers, the way he would dismiss some and acknowledge others. Oh, she felt like a foolish child. She was so caught up in his dreams and aspirations. She would forever remember his pleasant crooked smile and the way he teased her. The pair of sleepy eyes he wore; they sparkled in the soft sunlight and saw right past her. She will always remember them.

And here she was tonight, collecting every thought about him. She watched him move with slow ease and confidence. She was always jealous of how relaxed he seemed. It was like all the other nights she was there with him. The same upbeat music playing in the background and dim lights that made the entire room seem rather old and yellow. Nothing has changed but her thoughts.

Nothing ever changes there.

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