Saturday, January 8, 2011


I feel like it has been a while since I have updated this blog with something worthwhile. It’s hard to push myself to produce something blog-worthy these days. Ever since school started, I’ve been having a bad cause of anxiety and minor OCD symptoms are apparent. My organization skills are beyond normal as I am trying to print out various articles, lab instructions and syllabi for my six courses this semester. However, this year my motto for myself is no excuses; I firmly believe that I can accomplish what needs to be accomplished as long as I make the effort and time.

That being said, many small occurrences have happened this past week. I believe that I have grown so much more independent, no longer striving for company when I grow weak in the mind. I am more aware of my relations with those who have entered my life recently. Although not everything is clear, I am more accepting of the mystery and uncertainty that lies between our relationship. And in the midst of these thoughts, I am immersing myself in the readings that need to be done for school. I have made myself extremely preoccupied with my academics. And by keeping myself absorbed in my work, I have cut out a lot of the unnecessary things which have been lingering in my life the past few months. And also due to my strict schedule, I am more devoted in keeping in contact with those who mean the most to me. This busy semester is a reminder that time is precious, friends are vital and my love for life is growing.

There are no excuses anymore:
memento mori.

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