Wednesday, November 10, 2010


there's something about writing bright and early, when the sun is out.
its warm rays kisses your back as you fill your mind with endless thoughts.
soothing, jazz music plays as you remind yourself of lucky you are to be experiencing something so small and dear.

then you write during the night, when silence echoes in your head.
there are a million thoughts running through your head at a hundred miles per second.
you feel tired and alone, yearning for good company.
you have questions wanting to be answered and you sit there, staring.

it seems like day and night are such opposites and they provoke such different emotions.
yet, they both remind you of life and just how beautifully tragic it truly is.
not in some depressing way; it's just enough to keep you grounded and stay within this world of reality.
it's a natural balance we all need to realize.
we can't always be happy nor sad.
we need to embrace both and everything else in between.

i guess it's appropriate that my horoscope sign is Libra, the scales.

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