Friday, November 12, 2010

currently living a life of opposites.

I'm obsessed with this feeling; it overwhelms me with fear, love, loneliness, inspiration.

Something's got a hold of me.
I have given up trying to understand what this is anymore.
But it's more pronounced, it's growing stronger everyday--I can feel it.
Its weight hangs within the core, its own heartbeat beating at a steady pace.

Days of pleasant and unexpected surprises leave me longing for much more than I could possibly hold within my small hands.
But I don't really care.
Even if only for a small while, they change me and my way of thinking.
I am addicted, obsessed, in love.
So much so I just want to drop down onto my knees and cry so hard.
I cannot explain it.
Are they tears of fear? happiness?
Maybe it doesn't matter.

And yet, I feel so passionate about life,
I want to do so much.
It's overwhelming to think of all the small things I want to do in just one lifetime.
But I don't care,
I can't let every little fear hold me back anymore.
Although I'm terrified, I am making a promise to try a little harder and push myself a little further

just to get what i want.

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