Sunday, November 7, 2010

cold waves

there are nights where emotions disagree and i feel dirty from the thoughts which stain my mind.
my clothes don't fit properly as they tug at all the wrong places,
feet are worn from running away,
eyes burn from those sleepless nights.
loneliness overwhelms me while i get pushed down with waves of sadness.

it's not a good feeling but it's familiar and familiarity is never a bad thing.
i find comfort in the strange and the strangers.
i like getting close to them but keeping them only close enough where hurt cannot be felt.
boyish smiles makes me feel at home,
hot chai lattes which burn at my fingertips are soothing.

i am different on these nights,
nights full of nostalgia and cautious love.
i feel weighed down but it's home,
these feelings are dear to me.

no one likes to feel out of place.

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