Thursday, April 8, 2010


For almost a year now, I was not sure if I had fully forgiven you--until today. It feels so good to finally have a clear answer and know that I can talk to you. I don't think this fully changes our relationship right now. It sounds like you're going through hard times right now and I can only hope that you can make it through. I did my job as a friend to make it clear to you that I'm hear if you need to talk. I'll be here to listen; I was always here to listen.

The thing is, I thought you did not realize what you had done previously--until today. "Sorry for disappearing Trish." I never admitted this, but you hurt me when you left me. It hurt so much because we had something going on. Then you left. And it wasn't until after you left I started learning about you. I learned about your personal life. The life you were trying to hide from me. I was angry at you for not telling me the truth. I was angry at myself for letting myself fall so easily. But now, I thank you. I learned a lot from you, from us.

Today, I let it all go through one sentence and I feel relieved. It doesn't sound like you are doing very well. But I don't know much about you in the first place. I can only forgive you because you are human just like everyone else. We all make mistakes; I only judge people based on how they handle their mistakes. It looks like karma made a visit. And I'm sorry you are going through the pain. Ironically, I am the one who is saying sorry to you.

We may never talk again. That's your choice because I already made it clear I'll always be here as a friend. You listened to me once upon a time and I'm willing to return the favour. All I can say is good luck and please take care.

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