Saturday, December 24, 2011

the festive month

Hello bloggers,

Boy, it has been one hectic month and now the holidays are here! Unfortunately, this Christmas isn't so white and just plain cold; Christmas lights are dispersed as some houses did not bother to put up the lights this year. However, like every Christmas, I make it my favourite holiday as it becomes a time for generosity, peace and baking. I will save you the long post about how much I have learned this year and how I have grown but I do want to say that the acceptance of my life has been the theme this year. I have definitely changed a lot and I assure everyone that I will continue to do so. I will continue to be humble and become a more giving person. I intend to maintain relationships and commit to activities.

I hope all you bloggers out there have had a wealthy year, full of opportunities. May the new year bring you more happiness and positive changes. Happy holidays everyone!


p.s. I have photos to post but I'll leave that for one gigantic photo post. Instead, here's one of me knitting. Hah!


  1. Can't wait for the gigant post to come

  2. that's so cute! You're scarf looks so cozy :)

    xoxo Daisy

  3. Hope you had great holidays! I used to knit but it was too hard for me, haha :-) xoxoxo

  4. @ The Fashion Robot: I've been swamped with life happenings but hopefully the "gigantic post" will come soon!

    @ Daisy: Haha thanks, it has definitely served its purpose so far: kept me warm and cozy ;)

    @ Fashion Cappuccino: Hope you had an incredible holidays yourself! And I only started knitting again--I hope to continue though and perhaps learn how to knit something other than a scarf ;)

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