Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pain can only take you so far.

It has been a day and a week since you have moved away (though it seems so much longer). We've exchanged short, quick text messages and one online conversation.

Nothing makes me feel more lonely than those insomniac nights.
They remind me so much of our summer together.
Although I miss you at times, I'm learning how to like you from a distance.
It's getting easier as each day goes by.
Your absence, replaced with memories, cheer me up.
It's the small things which continue to remind me of what we have (and had).

I know you're having a great time in London and I am so proud of you.
The fuzzy prospect of our relationship used to frustrate me but I'm starting to learn how to cope with it. I think I'm learning the concept of how to love someone from afar.

I can only be grateful for this new learning experience.

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