Friday, September 17, 2010

Falling and falling, continuously.

It's that strange closeness I get with a specific emotion. It's incredible how at home I feel when it enters my life again. As I get back into my routine, I can feel the old erase the new. It's not bad.

I am determined, studious, polite and whimsical.
I listen with growing patience.
I'm thinking so much everyday that I am mentally exhausted every night.
(I love it.)

I am okay with this sadness. It's almost soothing.
Somehow, it romanticizes the environment, every situation, every waking moment.
I have grown to embrace the one emotion I am most comfortable with.
I can walk side by side with it and know that it will always understand my every thought.

At this point, I do not know how much sense I am making to the average young adult. I do apologize if this post has left you with burning questions or has left you lost beyond belief. It was not my intention. I just cannot begin to describe exactly how I feel. I am only providing tidbits of who I am becoming.

I do hope you understand.

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