Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Think of this as a joke, alright?

Dressed in your loose t-shirt, you sit by the fountain watching grandparents admire their grandsons and granddaughters. Everything seems so perfect and you've never felt so comfortable in your own skin. You've got the sun-kissed glow girls die to have and you wish there was someone here beside you to admire it. It's not a feeling you always get but on such beautiful days like today, you want to share this minute moment of bliss.

Then you notice the man sitting no further than three feet behind you. He's dressed casually, sunglasses on and one of the most gorgeous scruffs a woman could ask for on her man. As you write this, you wonder if he notices you. And as you let your imagination run wild, dreaming of the movie-like scenario where he randomly mans up and starts up a conversation, you smile to yourself. You start laughing at how silly you're become.

You momentarily stop writing for a bit and look up at the coffee cup in front of you. Then you start panicking because you realize you most likely have coffee breath which is quite unattractive. You then start praying no one--especially the man behind you--will start a conversation with you. I mean, coffee breath is just a real turn-off.

Alright, so now he's sitting in front of you. God really isn't paying attention to any of your thoughts. And of course, he's now less than two feet away.

Right, and of course you are looking at a married man.

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