Friday, June 4, 2010

Scene one:

8:30pm and it's raining lightly as they walk home together. They talk and laugh at the past and as they continue to walk, it begins to rain harder. He offers her his sweater and she first denies him of it. He insists and she gives in (she sensed his genuine concern for her). She slips into the sweater as he carries her umbrella. It hangs on her but she doesn't mind. They continue to walk; her in his sweater and him carrying her umbrella. Once in a while, there would be silence as she looks up at the night sky looking for stars (she doesn't see any).

They are at the station now where they will head in different directions.

She gently tugs off his sweater and hands it to him as he hands over her umbrella. They smile as she decides whether a hug would cross any uncomfortable boundary. Without so much of a hesitation, he opens his arms out, gesturing for a hug and she goes in for it.

They hug like they are close friends.

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