Monday, April 8, 2013

beautiful afternoon

Life has thrown me the smallest distractions lately and have completely taken over my free time! But don't get me wrong. I absolutely love it. Between family, work and volunteering it's a difficult balance to achieve.  However, my goal is to become healthier and achieve a healthier lifestyle which means I'll continue work on it.

Sitting in this dainty tea shop, I could not help but admire all the colours in my smoked salmon salad. The oranges, greens, and purples opened up my appetite as I slowly ate. The vanilla pomegranate tea smelled incredible and complimented my salad. I never savoured my food as much as I did this afternoon and it was amazing. Suddenly, I realized what it meant to be conscious and aware--paying attention to Now.  I have been reading so much on spirituality, practicing yoga, all in hopes to find a more quiet and peaceful life (more importantly, quietening the mind). Since then, I have experienced glimpses of peace and awareness but this lunch helped me focus in on all my senses. Pure joy filled me as I gained insight on the joy of simple eating.  And just like how the tea complimented the salad, the sunny Spring weather complimented the warm and cozy environment inside. In that moment, I felt blessed; I felt myself glowing from the inside out. For a lack of better that moment, I felt infinite.


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