Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Beginning

The start of this year has been nothing short of busy. Ironically, I have found myself more busy without school in the picture. As a result, my blog has been neglected but I'm striving for regular updates as many things are in the midst of changing.

The transition into the new year has been a subtle one; I guess I was anticipating a clear and definite sign to mark the new year but that was definitely not the case. In ways, I am glad there is no drastic change to create a distinct marker between one year and the next as transitions are probably smoother when they are gradual. I entered the new year with the start of positive relationships and I am very grateful for this. My positive influence on the family has been helping to build a more trusting and open relationship with my parents. My new relationship with the gentleman has been  slow but nothing short of spectacular. He has surprised me with his support and I am very content with our continuing journey together.

In addition to these environmental changes, my own spiritual growth has been helping me through rough, violent times. I have cried tears of fear and sadness but that does not mean I am any weaker. In fact, to allow my body to let its natural emotional response to occur, I have become a stronger person. I feel free to choose which emotions I want to take over me (if any at all) and that realization alone has made me a better person. I recently stumbled upon this quote by Rita Schiano:

"Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys." 
I read this over and over and over again before I realized that this was what I was trying to do all along. My focus on the pain in life only held me back; it became a constant which was holding me back from what I could feel, or what I could potentially feel. We all have a choice, some more obvious than others, but in the end, we have a choice. Maybe not through actions but we can most definitely choose to zone in on the positive, healthy emotions to ease the aches and hardships in life. Tough situations do not last forever, but tough people do.

As for this blog, I'm not sure where this will be going. I had full intentions to make this blog an opportunity to document my life. However, I can't say I have been doing a spectacular job doing so. Being a busy young adult with many life responsibilities, many photographic opportunities slip through my fingers as they flash before my very eyes. However, memories remain and I will try to take advantage of this. With words, I will try to re-live the moments and document them here so that this blog will become a place of nostalgia. So hopefully, I will be updating this blog to help me remember as I continue to learn to live in the present; to simply be.


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