Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pockets are underestimated.

Pockets: they are so much more than just the details on our clothes. Pockets are personal—they represent a part of our identity. Pockets have the ability to tell stories and they are great at keeping secrets. Pockets are more than just a private space as they can easily become part of the public space as well; you can take things out of them and show your belongings to others. But more than not, we take advantage of them, shoving them with scraps and garbage. We forget that we carry them with us no matter where we go. Our pockets have the capability of showcasing who we are. They come in different sizes; they are made out of different materials, they come in different colours and they have different depths to them.

I remember your pocket.

It was black and had the perfect depth. It was soft and worn from the usage of them. It contained small bits of who you are: a lighter, a small donation card from the deaf, a piece of folded up paper, a receipt. In other words, you are a smoker, a giver, a writer and you are responsible. I listened to your pocket that evening. I listened very well as it told me the story of a day in the life of you. I reached in the first time and you didn’t even hesitate or move away. You gave me access to a personal part of you.

Pockets are underestimated.

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