Friday, May 28, 2010


This morning I realized that I am ready to step away from you. It still hurts sometimes to know that I was tricked into thinking you liked me but as they say, "life goes on". I am starting to understand that I can no longer take this too personally. I used to question what went wrong and who's fault it was but the truth is, I've gone through it enough times to know that I can't always put the blame on one person. In this case, it was probably a case (haha, a "case") of misunderstanding.

The time I have taken to think things through, I've begun to do something I haven't done in a very long time. That is, I am beginning to appreciate myself. I lost a lot of self esteem and self respect along the way and now, I am starting to love me for me. I am learning to accept the way I look, the way I am. I guess you could say I am starting to fall in love with myself all over again--with myself and with life.

It's about time to just let go of the individuals who have hurt me in the past and move forward. I will never forget them because they helped shape me so in a way I should thank them. I can't quite describe how I've been feeling lately. I've just been feeling older, more mature and yet, there is something growing within me.

It's just so weird.

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