Monday, May 10, 2010


Faint sunlight seeped through the window (it slowly awakened my sense).
It was a morning of new beginnings and yesterday's worries.

I woke up to my own reflection.

I've been waking up late, waking up blank.
I don't feel not-right. Just different.
Not happy, not sad and nowhere in between.
I love my life but I'm yearning for more.
While I know what I want in life, I am confused by certain emotions.

I wish I was brave enough to love with every bone in my body.

I have secrets I want to tell (but I'd be betraying myself).
They're small ones that hide in the small crevices of your brain.
Sometimes you forget they are there.
Some days they are restless and come out in search for something to scratch on.
I am itching.

I love but it's disguised as hate.
Most don't understand.

I want to keep a sunny disposition.

I cannot make small talk with him.
My heart is too heavy for casual conversations.
I think that is the problem.
I've been biting my tongue for so long (there's no blood).

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